Crystal Skies

That time the campaign spiraled out of control.
no words

2 Hobgoblins attack the party
Stephen gets downed
Party enters Vault
Get shit on by tons of traps
Turns out the Hobgoblins were a couple and were getting married, oops
More traps
Flame trap almost murders whole party
Mark 1 shots a ice imp
Party takes a rest
Animated stone armour almost wipes party
Mark gets a cylinder of solid lead
More traps
Party gets 1 more key from chest
Party picks up 500 gold
Party finds an oasis outside of dungeon
Mark finds secret vault underwater but gets trapped behind the door
Party needs 3 keys to open the door
Stephen and Ian go back to the dungeon to look for the third key
Stephen and Ian die to a mimic because they can’t roll for shit
Mark breaks out of the vault one year later
Mark takes the 30,000 gold from the vault and hires goons to track down his lost relic which creates the new party

That time Stephen tried to steal a horse and murder his owner

Party starts by talking to old man.
Old man tells group about vault.
Thugs try to get information about Old man.
Party shits on them.
Old man gives location to group.
Party tries to buy camels.
Mark bribes a worker to steal one for him.
Stephen tries to murder someone for a camel, it doesn’t go well.
Party leaves the town towards vault.
vault is discovered.



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